Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summary of 2008

I’m not sure if many people realize that the last full update I did on this blog site was on February 18, 2008. The very next day, February 19th, Nick collapsed playing tag with Cody, was airlifted to UIC hospital, was cared for in the Pediatric ICU for two days and passed away early in the morning on the third day. Needless to say, my focus was wrenched away from sharing my thoughts on this website and I was forced to expend the full extent of my energy on merely surviving the next 15 months.

I’d like to back up now, however, and see if I can’t give you a brief overview of how last year went and share some photos of how the kids grew and we managed to live through the days that came and went whether we liked it or not. Looking back I see a beauty in many of the days that I missed while I was in them and so I’m glad I kept the camera close at hand. I feel as if I’m being given the chance to review, remember and relive what I might have missed along the way.

To start, immediately after Nick passed, I began to record some of my thoughts and those can be found on another blog site (at right: Andi’s thoughts on Nick) titled Mental Meanderings. All I can remember of myself during those first few weeks was that I typed a lot – either on the couch or sitting in the rocking chair in Selah’s room waiting for her to fall asleep. But somewhere along the way I thought that I should try to take some pictures and endure the pain since it was never going to go away anyways.

First we tried to fill the hole Nick left with things that reminded us of him

Then there was Easter…

And next came Nick’s first birthday in heaven. Unfortunately, I could only photograph the events on earth…

In May, Lifetime Fitness hosted a 5K run through Brookfield Zoo. Tony, Alana, my dad, and Jenni Keating all ran it in honor of Nick. Then we stayed for the day and enjoyed the animals with the kids.

In June we decided to still take the camping trip we had planned with the boys. We knew after coming home from China we’d have very little funds for a vacation. So, we planned a camping trip in Wisconsin that would end up at Grandma’s house in Door County. All the pictures and full account of the trip is at:

Many of you may be aware of a compassionate High School teenager who was “found” by Nick, but throughout the year last year became a source of healing and friendship for Cody. As early as Easter he could be found hanging around our house acting as a surrogate brother for Cody. As the summer heated up, Cody enjoyed time with Brendan in the pool and out in the football field regularly.

Summer held days of baseball, the Nazarene block party, the Arlington Million, Cody’s big birthday bash at Chuck E. Cheese and finished off with football before school started again!

For Halloween last year we took a trip up to Door County, Wisconsin and spent the weekend with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Alana. We had a fantastic time and plan to do that yearly from now on.

In November, exactly one year after we first held Selah, we had her dedicated to the Lord and many friends and family members came by the house later that day. We were so blessed to share the day with Alana who had a monumentous day herself getting baptized!! Yea, Alana! Praise God!

Here's Alana's Testimony at her baptism. It was spectacular and a major blessing to all!!

We also have video evidence of Pastor Jim playing catch with Cody!!

Finally came snow and Christmas – and even with the pain, as you can see, we survived it all!

Thanks for following along with us and praying for us. The support of many faithful friends and family members has been the most precious gift from God that has helped carry us through this most difficult time. Please, continue to be patient with us as I am told that years two and three are often just as painful, and often more so, than the first and I'm learning to believe those who have walked this path before me.

Thank you again - and may God richly bless each and every one of you!

The Morice Family

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jod said...

You guys are a blessing to this neighborhood and your testimony is so powerful. The most amazing thing I see is that your family glorified God through the storm and will continue to do so through both the sunny & cloudy days ahead. I love you guys and so grateful to God that we are brothers & sisters together in Christ. Jodi B