Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day Twelve - Botanical Garden

Day Twelve - Botanical Garden

Selah was bored with today's activities save two things. She LOVES water so she was very insistant about getting up close to each and every fountain, stream, or fish tank. Also, she lovesw kids. Today was apprently field trip day for the local school children because there were dozens of groups of school kids around. She would just stand and watch them and I'm sure she'd continue for hours if I didn't insist that we move on.


Morices said...

We love the zoo pictures ! Selah is actually laughing ! She truly looks happy!This is just wonderful ! We want you guys home so bad but I am almost sad that Selah's blog has to stop . Or does it ? How about continuing with Selah and the boys etc.? Its the only reason I want to go to my computer in the morning. And oh yeah, the shoe thing, you can blame Auntie Alana for that .
Can't wait to see you all

Love dad & mom

Janet said...

Up until now I have been unable to get to the "Leave your comment" area, so I am thrilled that it is finally allowing me to "leave a comment"!
I am opening your page daily and just filled with wonder at the works of God! Is He awesome or what? Thank you for sharing everything with all of us! Selah is a sweetie and I so glad that God handpicked you to be her mommy and daddy. Just wondering Andi, does Selah sing with her mommy ?
I bet she will!!
Love, Janet (Schue)